Augmented Reality

"Oh shit. Why am I seeing your body, Kate?" Ben fumbled, as a feed from Kate's perspective flickered in his digital contact lenses.

"I can see you, too! We must have gotten them swapped around. This is kind of cool, actually!"

"Hey, what's up, you guys?" Kate's boyfriend, Kevin, had come back from the bathroom.

Kevin leaned over and kissed Kate on the lips.

"Ugh, gross!" Ben yelled.

"What?" Kevin looked up at his friend, confused.

Kate started laughing, "Ben and I accidentally swapped contacts before you came back, so he can see everything I can see and vice versa."

Kevin shifted uncomfortably, reeking with jealousy, "Oh, alright. Can you two switch back then?"

"Yeah, of course!" Ben replied, "Let me just get these off."

At that exact moment, Kate brought her hand up to her eye.

"What?" Kate looked confused, "How did you do that?"

Kevin's eyes darted back and forth between his friend and his girlfriend, "What's going on?"

Ben answered, "I tried to move my arm –"

"–but Kate moved her arm instead," Kate continued.

"How did you do that, Ben?" Ben replied, "Why am I controlling your voice, too? That shouldn't be possible!"

Kate sat up, "Kate, I think I'm you now."

"Whoa, this is fucking cool." Ben replied.

"No, no, no. You have to switch back now," Kevin protested.

"Kate" looked over at "Ben" nervously.

"Ben" just shook his head, "Oh wait, now I'm back again. That was weird!"

"Kate" was perplexed for a moment, but then she understood what "Ben" was doing. Kate had been cheating on Kevin with Ben for a while now, so it was clear that she was unhappy with her relationship, "Oh, yeah. Me too. Weird!"

She placed her hands on her breasts, "Wow, I was afraid of loosing these!"

Kevin wrapped his arms around his girlfriend, kissed her neck, and slipped a finger under the underwire of her bra, "Thank God you didn't!"


  1. This is a great reimagining of your older cap "It's the Future!" I always love your focus on deception in the body swap context :)


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