Sophie's Body

"Hey, Sophie, check me out!"

"Oh my God, Jim! You look" Sophie's friend, Veronica gasped in disbelief.

 "Jim!" Sophie, in Jim's body, exclaimed, "That's my jumpsuit! I told you not to go through my closet."

"Oh, come on, Sophie," Jim rolled his eyes, "I've been stuck in your body for days. I don't like being a woman, but I really wanted to see the look on your face. And it's priceless!"

"He really makes a good you, Sophie," Veronica teased.

"Jim, you're the most masculine guy I know. Can't you just last the rest of the week without messing with me?"

"I'm not done messing with you yet! I'm gonna act like the girliest girl you can imagine. The kind of girl that likes to ride your cock."

"Jim?!" Sophie was taken aback.

Jim winked at Veronica and ran his hands over Sophie's curvy body, "Oh, you better believe I'm making use of your wet pussy."