Very Happy Holidays - Part 4

"Hey Mom, can we talk?" Kristen in Dylan's body opened the door to the master bathroom, where Dylan was busy pampering and dressing his mother's body.

"Dylan, honey," Dylan flashed his mother, Kristen's loving smile and leaned on the bathroom counter, unintentionally pushing his breasts together, "Can you be sure to knock next time? You know your mother needs her privacy."

"Yes, sorry ...Mom," Kristen couldn't help but notice her favorite turquoise panties hugging Dylan's curvy hips, "I don't know how to put this, since you and your sister threatened me and your father a few months ago. I'm tired of pretending to be you and waiting until you simply get tired of being me. I'm tired of being a teenager. If you're truly dead-set on being me for the next few months, I want to try to cut a deal."

"I'm listening," Dylan mindlessly rested a hand on his breast.

"Do you like pretending to be me? Do you really want to keep pretending to be the mother of the house?"

"Yes. I really really love being you, mom. I love being a beautiful woman. I don't want to leave any time soon. Maybe not for another half year."

Kristen took a deep breath, "As long as you plan on staying in my body, I have an idea. For many years, I've secretly fantasized about having sex with myself. Would you be willing to help me trade bodies with your sister, so that I can be your father? Then, at least I could be an adult again."

Dylan was dumbstruck, "You want to have sex with me, mom?"

"No. What I'm saying is, I want to have sex with you, Kristen, as your husband."

"Wow, I.... I'd like that very much," Dylan blushed, "I haven't had sex with my husband in over a week! I'm in, as long as you agree to never break character and tell me all of your greatest secrets."

"All of my greatest secrets?" Kristen stammered.

"Well, if you want to have sex with yourself, you'd better make sure I can be you in every way. I just got a text from some guy at your work a month ago, talking about some time you two fucked, like, just last year. I want to know every detail, like if you still have feelings towards him, or I'll tell Dad. Is that a deal?"

Kristen gulped, "Okay, deal."