Spin the Bottle

Evan turned the corner towards the living room, where his sister, Zara, and her closest friends were gathered playing a game. He was bored hanging out upstairs in his room and wanted to see what they were up to.

"Hey, girls," Evan waved, "What's up? What are you playing?"

A couple of girls started giggling, turning away and whispering amongst themselves.

"Umm," Zara started.

"Shhh!" another one of her friends, Isabella shushed her, "I have an idea."

Evan rolled his eyes, as Zara and Isabella whispered something to each other, nodding with excitement.

"What is it? Can I join or what?" Evan sighed.

"Oh, sure. You can join," Isabella giggled, "Here, spin the bottle."

"Um... okay?" Evan kneeled down and gave the bottle a spin.

It landed on another one of Zara's friends, Miley.

"Oh, you've gotta be kidding–" Miley started protesting.

But, before Miley could finish her sentence, Evan felt himself getting sucked into her body, possessing her.

When he came to, the group of girls stood hovering over him.

"What the fuck was that?" Evan croaked, his voice sounding oddly high.

"You're in Miley's body, Evan," Zara smiled, "You said you wanted to join, right?"


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