Working Out - Part 2

In Lily's place stood a middle aged woman with graying hair and a few wrinkles etched into her face. Confusion and disbelief washed over her as she blinked, trying to comprehend the sudden shift in her appearance.

She looked down at her hands, "Who am I?"

"Beats me!" Henry shrugged, "I just grabbed some DNA samples from that locker over there. You should probably go and get changed."

Lily, still in shock, stumbled towards the locker Henry was pointing at. She opened it to find a set of conservative clothes, completely different from what she had been wearing moments ago. She quickly changed into them, her mind racing with questions about what had just happened.

"Thank you," Henry said sincerely, "I really appreciate you helping me with this. Shall we?"

"Shall we ...what?"

"Well, we can't stay here all day, right? Why don't you take me to your place?"

The pair slipped discreetly out of the gym and made their way to Lily's car.

Henry pulled her car keys out of her purse, "I'll drive."

As they sat in the car, Henry couldn't help but feel a combination of excitement and nervousness. He had succeeded in transforming into Lily, his infatuation, but now he had to navigate the world as her. The drive to Lily's place was filled with a tense silence, each of them lost in their own thoughts. Lily couldn't help but steal glances at her doppelgänger sitting beside her, wondering what this strange turn of events would mean for her.

Lily led the way into her cozy apartment, seemingly unsure of what to say or how to act around this unexpected guest who wore her face. Henry took in the surroundings, his eyes lingering on the photographs scattered across the walls and shelves—a life captured in images.

"So, Lily," Henry began, breaking the silence, "tell me about yourself."

"I'm... I'm a writer," she finally replied, "—mostly freelance. I write articles, stories, anything that pays the bills. It's not exactly glamorous, but it's what I love to do."

Henry nodded, his eyes shining with genuine interest, "That sounds amazing. I've always wanted to be a writer..."

"Tell me more," he continued, "Are you in a relationship?"

"I was in a relationship," Lily replied with a hint of sadness in her voice.

Henry passively rested his hand atop his breast, "Lily, the single writer..."

"Say, I'm so sweaty from the gym and need to shower. Will you help me?" Henry demanded.

"Help you...shower?" she repeated, unsure if she had heard correctly.

Henry nodded eagerly, "Yes, please. I want to experience everything as authentically as possible, so I need your guidance."

They walked together towards the bathroom, Lily leading the way while Henry followed closely behind. Once inside, Lily pointed out the towels and toiletries, feeling embarrassed as she watched Henry undress once again.

"I can't imagine ever getting tired of this," Henry mused, a teasing smile playing on his lips, "Being inside your skin feels so... exhilarating."

As Henry stepped into the shower, Lily couldn't help but watch, transfixed. She had never seen someone else in her own body before, and the sight was surreal. Her gaze shifted to Henry's transformed body—the feminine curves, the softness of the skin—each detail an echo of her own physicality.

"Something feels" Henry pondered aloud, "It doesn't make any sense that a middle-aged woman would be watching me shower."

He reached for the transmogrifier once again and pointed it at Lily. With a flash of light, Lily's form began to change. She grew taller and more muscular. Her features sharpened, her skin tanned into a deep olive complexion. In a matter of seconds, Lily stood before Henry as a tall, athletic man with a rugged jawline and piercing blue eyes.

Henry's face broke into a wide grin, "Now this feels more like it!"

"Am I? Am I...??" Lily was in shock.

"Hey, I saw you checking him out at the gym."

"I can't believe this," Lily cried, her voice now a rich baritone, "I'm actually a man..."

"Now, tell me Lily... What do you find so attractive about him?"

"Well," Lily stammered, "I guess... it's his confidence. It's... attractive."

"Uh huh," Henry bit his lip, as his hands roamed up and down his female form, "What do you want him to do to you?"

Lily blushed deep crimson, her heart pounding in her chest. She had never been faced with such a direct question before.

"I...I want him to take charge," she finally managed to say, her voice tinged with a mix of uncertainty and longing.

Henry's eyes sparkled mischievously as he sauntered closer to Lily, the steam from the shower enveloping them both. He placed a hand on Lily's arm, his touch sending shivers down her spine.

"Well then," Henry purred, "Why don't you show me what taking charge looks like?"

"Turn around," she said with a newfound authority lacing her words.

Without a word, Henry turned around, facing away from Lily. She stepped into the shower.

"Tell me you want me."

"I want you," she breathed.

Their bodies were close, now separated only by the steamy mist that swirled between them. Lily reached out, her hands finding their way to Henry's chest, cupping his breasts. He could feel her hardness pressing against his behind.

Henry leaned into Lily's touch.

"Oh, I feel so... female," he murmured, "...pretend you're your boyfriend."

"Do you want me to...?" she asked, her own voice sounding deeper and more masculine than she was used to.

"Would you want you to?"

She didn't answer. Henry gasped as Lily pressed her huge cock into his folds. He marveled at the sensation of his insides being filled up by an immense and unyielding male member.

"Yes," he said, trying to maintain his composure. "Yes, you want this more than anything. I want this more than anything."

Lily began to thrust, her hips moving forward and backward with steady rhythm. Henry moaned softly, a mix of pleasure and disbelief washing over him. He reached down and gripped his transformed breasts, squeezing them tightly.

"This is... it's... incredible," he breathed, "Is this how you like to take it, Lily? The way I'm taking it now?"

"Tell me what you like," Henry panted, his eyes locked on Lily's, "Tell me how to make this... better."

"Harder," she whispered, "Faster."

"Then go harder and faster."

Lily complied, her own desire now raging. She felt a tightness building inside her, and she knew that it was only a matter of time before she came.

"You're getting there, aren't you?" Henry gasped, his own pleasure on the brink of exploding, "You're so close, Lily. Tell me when you're going to cum."

"I'm... I'm there," Lily panted, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

"Oh, I can feel it inside you. Your juices are flooding your insides, Lily," Henry laughed hysterically, "Oh, I'm cumming, too!"


  1. Yeah. That's the kind of work out I was hoping for. Please tell me this story continues.


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