Envy - Part 3

Was it wrong to enjoy this unexpected turn of events, while Bella was undoubtedly struggling with inhabiting his heavier, bulkier form?

One look in the mirror, and all of his worries vanished.

A sense of euphoria washed over Thomas as he marveled at his new appearance. He couldn’t help but smile as he ran his hands over his face, feeling the softness of Bella’s skin beneath his fingertips. He ran his fingers through her long hair.

He knew he should be focused on finding a way to switch back with Bella, but he couldn’t care less about that right now.

His eyes traced her neck and collarbone, coming to rest on the curve of her chest. Bella’s boobs.

“Oh. My. God,” Thomas’ hands shook as he lifted them towards his new feminine chest.

He poked at the exposed skin, watching as her breast jiggled slightly in the mirror. Thomas couldn’t believe the sensation of having breasts. He peeled back Bella’s top, revealing her lacy black bra. He had always been curious about what it would feel like to have boobs, and now he finally had the chance to experience it.

With trembling hands, he reached out and lightly grazed his fingertips over the delicate fabric. It was soft and smooth against his skin, sending shivers up his spine. Slowly, he cupped one breast in his hand, marveling at its weight and fullness. The texture was different from anything he had ever felt - soft yet firm, pliable yet resilient. He couldn’t help but let out a small sigh of wonder at the sensation.

He couldn’t believe he was actually touching Bella’s breasts. His own little sister’s breasts! He couldn't help but feel a sense of guilt and disbelief as he remembered playing with her as children, never imagining that one day he would be caressing the very body he used to chase around the yard. The forbidden thrill of it all sent shivers down his spine. He never thought he would be in this position, touching his own little sister's body in such an intimate way.

It was almost too much to bear. Thomas felt a mixture of excitement and shame as he continued to explore Bella's body. He ran his hands over her curves, feeling the swell of her hips and the roundness of her behind. His behind now.

He let out a small whimper as he ran his hands over Bella’s thighs, feeling their softness and smoothness. He trailed his fingers up towards her center, feeling the dampness between her legs. It was such a strange sensation for him to experience - arousal as both the giver and receiver.

A sudden jolt of guilt washed over Thomas as he realized that he was getting turned on by touching his own sister’s body. But it wasn’t enough to make him stop. 

A sudden, overwhelming urge gripped him as he gazed upon her dresser. With eager hands, he rummaged through the drawers, each one presenting a treasure trove of Bella's belongings. He pulled out a delicate pair of black lace panties and held them up to his face, inhaling deeply. The soft fabric seemed to hold her scent, sending shivers down his spine. His search continued until he found one of her black shirts, the normalcy of it intriguing him. He couldn't resist slipping it over his head.

He slipped the panties on next, feeling the silky material slide up his legs. For a moment, he couldn't believe he was wearing his sister's lingerie. But the thrill of it all was too much to resist.

As Thomas stood in front of the mirror, dressed in Bella's clothes, he was amazed at how much he really looked like her. He had always been jealous of Bella's beauty, her confidence, and her ability to command attention whenever she entered a room. Now, he could experience what it was like to truly be her.

He looked down at his hands, now slender and delicate, and ran them over her body again. He was Bella, for now.

As he slipped under the covers, a wave of excitement and apprehension coursed through him. It was one thing to experiment with Bella's appearance and clothing, but he was now lying alone in her bed, in her room, with the thoughts of what the night might hold swimming in his mind.


  1. Even if we don't get to see it, we all know Thomas is going to take his explorations further. I wonder how that will change his perceptions of his current body and life.


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