Family Affair - Part 3

The next morning, Carly and I shuffled out of our parents’ room, only to meet a stern-faced Carly and Zach in the living room. The blood drained from my face. They totally knew.

"What happened in there last night?" Dad demanded, his eyes narrowed.

Carly looked between us, her face a mix of shock and fear, "We don't know what you're talking about."

I could feel myself blush as I hesitated, not sure how to explain the strange night of sex role-play we'd just experienced.

"There was nothing going on," I insisted, clearing my throat.

Mom raised an eyebrow, skeptical, "Are you sure about that? Because we heard some... unusual noises coming from our room last night."

My heart pounded in my chest as I thought about the passionate sounds we had made.

"Um, we... we were just having a, uh, conversation," Carly stammered, shooting a panicked glance in my direction.

We were both in deep shit now.

Dad's expression didn't soften. He crossed his arms, clearly unconvinced.

"What was so important that it had to happen in our bed?" Mom asked, her voice tight with disapproval.

"We... uh, just wanted to, uh, spend some quality time together," I chimed in, my voice shaky and desperate.

"Quality time in our bed?" Mom repeated, her voice rising.

Sweat broke out on my forehead as I thought about the best way to explain the situation without getting caught. But I knew there was no use.

Carly cleared her throat, trying to find the words to defend our actions, "We were just, uh, role-playing, okay?"

"Role-playing?" Mom asked bluntly.

"Yeah, like, we were pretending to be, um, you know, you guys," Carly tried to explain.

I took a deep breath, trying to come up with a believable excuse myself, "We just... we thought it would be fun, you know? Like, a way to spend some time together and have a laugh."

Mom narrowed her eyes, "And what exactly were you pretending to do in our bed?"

"We were just... you know, having a conversation," Carly stuttered, her voice trembling.

"A conversation that involved fucking in our bed?" Dad's voice boomed, causing all of us to flinch.

Mom's eyes widened in horror, "What on earth were you two thinking?"

I started sobbing, “I’m sorry! We were all so caught up in the moment and I—“

"I understand," Mom said, cutting me off, "But you can't just invade our privacy like that. You know Dad and I have our own life and our own issues, and you two were up in our personal space, playing a role that wasn't yours to play in the first place."

“Oh, come on, Mom!” Carly retorted, shocking all of us, “Just look at us. Look at me. I’m Dad, for fuck’s sake. And we’re the ones who are married now –not you!”

I solemnly turned Mom’s wedding ring on my finger, a reminder of her vows, “She’s right, actually. The therapist said we should be doing our best to assume our roles. And we’re not siblings anymore.”

Mom's eyes widened in surprise, her jaw slack. She glanced at Dad, clearly at a loss for words.

Mom looked at us with tears in her eyes, "But you're my children... how could... how could you even think about being together?"

I turned my attention to Mom.

“Just look at me. I am no longer your son," I spoke firmly, "I have grown into a woman, and with that comes new desires. Especially with my husband. You must understand that, even if you don't agree with it."

I reached out and took Carly's hand, squeezing it tightly, "We're adults now, and we have a right to make our own choices."

"I understand that it might be difficult to accept, but we're not asking for permission. We're just asking for understanding," Carly pleaded.


  1. Stand proud, this is peak cinema

  2. What a very well written series. I really enjoyed all three parts. There is potential for more, but it could stand alone here also. Really good.


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