Best Friends - Part 6

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of Sarah's soft snoring. Then I remembered the night's events, and that I was in Lily’s body.

With a deep breath, I carefully cupped one of my breasts. It was an exhilarating and strange sensation, feeling this new and delicate curve beneath my fingertips. I gently squeezed and released, feeling a desire building within me.

I glanced over at Sarah, still snoring softly, and knew that I had to satisfy this new craving. I moved my hand between my legs, slowly and tentatively at first, but as the tension within me grew, I became bolder. I pressed harder.

I closed my eyes and let out a gasp as I reached my peak, feeling waves of pleasure wash over me.

“Having fun, Lily?”

I jolted awake, my heart pounding in my chest.

"Sarah?" I whispered, my voice hoarse with sleep.

She was sitting up, the sheets covering her body and hiding her bare breasts from me, “Hey, I get it. It's not every day you get to experience life as the opposite sex.”

I couldn't help but feel a mixture of embarrassment and excitement as I realized what I had done in my half-asleep state. I sat up, rubbing my eyes and trying to regain my composure.

“You know… I have a possession stone, too. And I was thinking… My brother’s upstairs. I could maybe possess him for a while, if you want."

I gulped, “If I want… what?”

“Oh, come on. I’m saying I can possess my brother, and, if you want, we can …you know.”

I had never thought about being with a guy before, but I was in Lily's body, and I was curious.

"Okay," I whispered.