A Silver Lining - Part 3

Our parents had gone upstairs, so Amy and I had some time to ourselves out on the porch.

She was clearly uncomfortable with the way I had taken on her mannerisms and personality.

"You're acting so... girly," she said, her tone accusing.

"I can't help it," I replied, shrugging my shoulders, “Anyway… You said you didn’t have a crush on anyone in your music class. So, who do you have a crush on then?”

Amy blushed, “You wouldn't know him."

"His name is Ethan," she finally said, “We play music together sometimes. He doesn’t know.”

"Well, maybe I can help you win him over," I said, a smile playing on my lips, “Here, pretend you’re Ethan for a moment. And I’ll be you.”

I curled Amy’s locks playfully around my fingers, arching my back to give volume to her chest, “Hey, ‘Ethan’... How about we play guitar together sometime?"

Amy hesitated for a moment, almost caught off guard by my impersonation.

"You know, if you really want to win Ethan over, you have to be more assertive,” I broke character.

Amy's eyes softened, "Yeah, I've thought about it."

"Tell me about him," I urged, my voice barely above a whisper.

That night in Amy’s room, I found myself struggling to fall asleep.

The rhythm of Amy's heartbeat pulsed softly against my chest. My mind was racing with thoughts of Ethan.

I fumbled around for her phone and began to search for his name. There it was. His profile.

I started to look through his photos. I’m straight. So why was I so drawn to this guy she had a crush on? Was it because I was in her body?

I found a video of Amy and Ethan together.

They were playing guitars, their voices blending in perfect harmony. I imagined it was me in the video, that I was Amy in that moment of time.

I mouthed the lyrics Amy sang quietly to myself, my heart racing as I watched their chemistry.

My eyes locked on Ethan as my hand drifted down my body and under the seam of her sweatpants. I allowed my fingers to trace the lines of her body, feeling her skin, now so intimately familiar.

“I want you inside of me, Ethan,” I whispered, sinking deeper into the charade.

I opened my eyes and saw Amy staring back at me from the mirror on the wall. I watched her expression change as my fingers entered her.

I was masturbating in my own sister’s body while pretending to be her and talking about her crush. This was all so… wrong. I felt guilty, yet undeniably aroused.

There was no stopping it now.


  1. There you go Jimmy. Give in to your desires. Let yourself feel it all, Amy. Just imagine what it'd be like to let Ethan have his way with you, Amy.


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