A Couple Mistakes - Part 1

I looked over at my wife, Mary. Just about a week ago, we had secretly possessed the couple next door. It was all just a bit of kinky fun. Mary possessed the husband, and I possessed the wife. While it was our fourth time using the possession stone, it was our first time possessing people of the opposite gender.

Today was our last day possessing the couple next door, and Mary was putting on her best act as my husband. She walked around with a swagger, pretending to be a tough and macho man.

I decided to play along with it too and put on my best impression of a feminine woman. We spent the day doing various activities around the house, getting into arguments about who was better at certain tasks and just generally having fun with our new identities.

That evening, we had the most amazing sex. Mary's hands explored my curves with a newfound hunger, a masculine energy pulsing through her touch. I surrendered to the sensation of being taken by my own wife, yet not as myself but as the woman I pretended to be.

We lay in bed, sweating in the aftermath. Mary pulled out her phone and started scrolling. I reached for my phone, as well …well, not my phone but my neighbor’s phone.

There was a text …from Mary. That didn’t make any sense. Mary was right there in bed with me. I looked over at her and she was flipping through reels.

“Where are you, Peter?” it read, “I’ve been waiting for you all day. Is everything ok?”

My heart started thudding in my chest as I connected the dots. Weren’t we supposed to be swapping back tomorrow? If Mary was back in her original body, then this man I had just slept with must’ve been this woman’s actual husband!

Mary hadn’t been putting on the act. It was the real him all along. And he thought I was his real wife! 

I was unknowingly sharing a bed with a stranger.