Alice in Wonderland

My name is Henry. I’m just a single middle aged guy living in a quite average part of town. It’s a lonely, mundane life, I admit. I go to work. I head home. Rinse. Repeat.

Everything changed today, however. I was heading out of my apartment to take out the trash. On my way through the courtyard, I passed by a neighbor girl hanging out on a swing.

It shouldn’t have been that big of a deal. But I couldn’t help but feel a pang of envy, thinking about how she had a family to go back to. She was young and pretty. Quite a contrast to my aging fatness.

I dumped the bags out and began to trudge on back to my place. I stole another glance at the teenage girl, and in the blink of an eye… I found myself sitting on that same swing looking through her eyes.

The world around me felt different, my senses heightened. I looked down at my hands, delicate and youthful, a stark contrast to the ones I had been accustomed to for so long. Panic started to rise within me as I tried to make sense of what was happening. Was this a dream? A hallucination? Or had I truly switched bodies with this young girl?

I jumped off the swing and ran towards a nearby puddle, desperate to catch a glimpse of my reflection. What stared back at me was not Henry's tired face but that of a teenage girl, her eyes wide with fear and confusion. My heart raced in my chest as I tried to comprehend the gravity of the situation.

I looked down at myself and saw a floral summer dress swaying around my knees, the breeze lifting the hem gently. My chest was clearly fuller. My hips wider.

I stumbled back in disbelief, feeling the unfamiliar weight of long hair cascading down my back. A scream threatened to escape my lips, but I clamped a hand over my mouth, the sound coming out as a strangled gasp. How was this even possible? Was this forever?

I took a deep breath, trying to steady my racing heart. With trembling hands that felt foreign to me, I reached out for the chain of the swing and pulled myself back onto the seat.

As the initial shock began to subside, a sense of curiosity took over. I realized I could go to this girl’s home. I could know what it feels like to be her, even if for a little while. After all, I didn’t have anyone at home who would notice my absence.

I found the girl's key to her apartment. I grabbed it and headed towards her building.

I took the stairs swiftly, feeling lighter and more agile than my usual self. When I reached her apartment door, I hesitated for a moment. But I went on in.

Her mother was reading a book in the living room.

She looked up as I entered and a smile crossed her lips, "Hey Alice, back so soon?"

So her name is Alice.

I stood there, frozen for a moment before responding, "Oh, umm, yeah. I’m just gonna go to the bathroom.”

I quickly darted down the hall to the bathroom, my heart pounding in my ears. What had I done? This was insane. I was a grown man in a teenage girl’s body.

In the bathroom mirror, I saw Alice's face staring back at me, a mixture of fear and confusion. I leaned in to inspect her features.

My fingers traced the delicate lines of her face. My hands hovered above my chest.

I gasped, grazing her hard nipples beneath the fabric of her dress. This was really happening. Was this crossing the line? Or was it okay now that I was, in fact, Alice?